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You find yourself here because you are looking for a massage in Austin Texas. You need bodywork to feel better because:

•You need some relief from the pain of an injury or maybe from muscular overuse or the effects of repetitive stress syndrome.

•You have spent hours in front of a computer trying to finish a project and now your neck is stiff and as a result your range of motion is limited.

•You over did it being a weekend warrior trying to finish a home project or maintaining the best yard in the block.

•You are trying to become more physically fit in one day after years of neglect.

•You just need to relax and take a break from the general stress that comes with work, family and life.

Hi, my name is Maria Solis and I am a massage therapist with an office conveniently located in South Austin. I can help you deal with these problems and many more. I will use the techniques and knowledge I have acquired in the 20 plus years of a full time practice. I offer Swedish for relaxation and Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy and Comprehensive Crossfiber Technique for pain relief and muscle rehabilitation.

You are not like a busy bee who can flutter about all day long. Many times you need help to make you feel better.

Initially getting weekly bodywork can help you begin to relieve the pain that has been nagging you for years. Once the pain is reduced, scheduling a session every 2-4 weeks will help maintain that sense of well being. Of course you can always get bodywork just for relaxation and to escape the stresses of your life. Then there is always the best reason, you deserve it and you want to treat yourself.

Set up an appointment for a session so you can experience some of the benefits of bodywork.

•Ease your pains

•Soothe your nerves

•Calm your anxieties


Call me at (512) 440-7372 to set up an appointment to put the harmony and joy back in your life.

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Maria Solis Massage Therapist
Maria Solis Massage Therapist in Texas since 1990 and has been in continuous practice since then.
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You will find a great massage in South Austin at Massage Concepts at 2312 Western Trails, Bldg D-401, Austin Texas 78745.
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Dry skin body brushing is a healthy daily habit that will improve the appearance of the skin.
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